Prizes and Opportunities

The Vienna Beethoven Competition is renowned for presenting a selection of awards that pay tribute to the diligence and talent of our contestants. Our accolade system is designed to commend exceptionalism and variety in performance, serving as a testament to the commitment and expertise demonstrated by our participants.

Monetary Awards

Our competition offers a generous prize fund, divided across the different categories. The exact amount for each prizes, including the grand prize for the overall winner, will be announced ahead of each competition edition.

Performance Opportunities

Winners often receive opportunities to perform in concerts and recitals organized by the Galoyan Art Agency and the Vienna Beethoven Conservatory. These performances provide valuable exposure and professional experience, positioning winners in a favorable light within the classical music community.


We offer opportunities for winners to attend masterclasses with esteemed musicians and educators. These experiences not only provide winners with invaluable insights and knowledge but also contribute to their ongoing musical development.

Career Development Support

The Vienna Beethoven Competition is committed to nurturing the careers of its winners. As part of our prize package, we provide support in career development, which may include consultations with industry professionals, promotional assistance, and networking opportunities.

Empowering Musical Journeys

We believe that the prizes and opportunities offered through the Vienna Beethoven Competition play a significant role in supporting the career trajectories of our competitors. They serve to highlight the talent, commitment, and potential of these outstanding musicians, helping to pave their way in the world of classical music.