Evaluating Classical Brilliance


Welcome to the pinnacle of classical performance evaluation.

Meet the Jury: Guiding Talents to Classical Excellence

Our distinguished Jury Panel serves as the cornerstone of the competition’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in classical music. The jury, composed of renowned figures from the international classical music scene, brings a wealth of experience, profound musical understanding, and professional integrity to the adjudication process.

The jury’s task is to identify and reward performers who not only possess exceptional musical talent but also demonstrate depth of interpretation, an understanding of the composer’s intentions, and an ability to connect with audiences. Through a rigorous evaluation process, they ensure that the competition’s values of artistic excellence, technical mastery, and passionate performance are upheld.

Michael Barobeck

Artistic Director Opera Graz

Roberto Cucchi

Agent Galoyan Art Agency

Renato Bonajuto

Artistic Director of the Teatro Alfieri Asti

Domingo Jr. Placido

Composer and Singer

Constantine Orbelian

Music Director and Principal Conductor New York City Opera

Giovanni Di Stefano

President and Artistic Director of the Teatro di tradizione dell’Opera Giocosa

Barseg Tumanyan

National Artist of the Republic of Armenia

KS Olivera Miljakovic

Director Vienna Beethoven Conservatory; President of the Jury

Azamat Zheltyrguzov

Head of the Opera Company of the Astana Opera

Siranush Galoyan-Tkachenko

CEO Vienna Beethoven Conservatory

Maria Katzarava

Director of the Estudio de la Ópera de Bellas Artes