About the Competition:

Vienna Beethoven

The Vienna Beethoven Competition is an international music competition dedicated to celebrating and promoting opera singing. The competition is organized by the Vienna Beethoven Conservatory and aims to recognize and encourage new talent in the field of opera.

Vienna Beethoven Competition:
A Premier International Platform for Aspiring Opera Singers

The competition is based in Vienna, Austria, a city widely acknowledged as the historical heart of classical music. The hosting institution, the Vienna Beethoven Conservatory, is a reputable music education institution and plays a significant role in the preparation and execution of the competition, providing a platform for emerging artists to display their talents.

The competition boasts a panel of judges composed of highly respected opera professionals and experts. These individuals, drawn from the global opera community, lend their extensive knowledge and experience to the task of selecting the competition’s winners.

The Vienna Beethoven Competition includes various categories, each designed to evaluate different vocal styles and abilities. The opera arias category is particularly notable, where participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of challenging Beethoven pieces. Contestants are recommended to prepare several pieces from Beethoven’s repertoire, along with other classical works, thus testing their range and depth of musical understanding. An additional emphasis is placed on the German lieder genre, reflecting Beethoven’s extensive work in this area.

Implementation of the competition

The selection process for the competition (1st round) will take place between September 1, 2023 and September 15, 2023. The artistic director of the Vienna Beethoven Conservatory, Mrs. Dir. KMS Olivera Miljakovic, will lead the internal jury responsible for the selection process.

The 20 singers selected for the 2nd round will be notified of their advancement by email. All other participants will also receive an email regarding the jury’s decision.

The live competition will take place from October 8, 2023 to October 10, 2023 in the “Großer Ehrbarsaal”(Big Ehrbar Hall) of Palais Ehrbar, A-1040 Vienna, Mühlgasse 30. The participants of the competition will be divided into groups based on their vocal range for their performance time. The exact implementation details will be communicated to the participants in advance.


Evaluation criteria

The participants will be evaluated by an independent jury made up of experienced musicians and music educators. As in the selection process, the following evaluation criteria will be used:

Technical skills

Participants will be evaluated on their technical skills, which encompass their proficiency in playing their instrument or vocal abilities. The jury will assess factors such as accuracy, precision, control, dexterity, intonation, articulation, rhythm, and overall technical command. Participants should demonstrate a high level of technical competence and mastery in their performance.

Stylistic confidence

Stylistic confidence refers to the participant’s ability to perform within a specific musical style or genre with authenticity and assurance. The jury will assess how well participants embody the characteristics, nuances, and idiomatic elements of the chosen style. This criterion also takes into account the participant’s understanding of the historical and cultural context of the style and their ability to execute it convincingly.


Interpretation evaluates the participant’s ability to bring their unique artistic interpretation to a musical piece. It involves their capacity to understand and convey the composer’s intentions, as well as their own creative choices. The jury will consider aspects such as phrasing, dynamics, tempo, use of rubato, musical shaping, and overall storytelling. Participants should demonstrate a thoughtful and compelling interpretation that enhances the emotional and narrative aspects of the music.

Musical expression

Musical expression evaluates the participant’s capacity to convey emotions, feelings, and musical ideas through their performance. The jury will assess the participant’s use of dynamics, timbre, tone color, vibrato, ornamentation, and other expressive techniques to communicate the essence and depth of the music. Participants should aim to create a profound and engaging musical experience that resonates with the listeners.

Artistic presence

Artistic presence refers to the participant’s overall stage presence, charisma, and ability to connect with the audience. The jury will evaluate factors such as posture, body language, facial expressions, confidence, communication skills, and overall stage demeanor. Participants should exude a compelling and engaging stage presence that enhances the overall impact of their performance and captivates the audience’s attention.