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Welcome to the Vienna Beethoven Competition, a celebration of classical vocal prowess where tradition meets innovation. We are thrilled to have you join us in the heart of Europe’s musical epicenter, where the spirit of Beethoven still echoes through the centuries.

Melodic Mastery: The Blue Lyre and Piano Keys Converge in Harmonious Brilliance at the Vienna Beethoven Competition

Behind the Curtains of the Vienna Beethoven Competition: A Hub of Talent and Passion

This competition is not just about showcasing vocal talent but about breathing life into the timeless works of the past. We stand as a testament to Vienna’s enduring love for classical music, a city where history and music intertwine in a symphony of culture and tradition.

Entry into the Competition

Ignite your journey in classical music. Join the Vienna Beethoven Competition – a platform amplifying talent and passion on a global stage.

Embracing the Stage

Amplify your talent with the Vienna Beethoven Competition. It’s more than a contest – it’s a celebration of classical music, a spotlight for your passion.

Unveiling the Magic: The Vienna Beethoven Competition – Where Talent Meets Passion

If you’re a competitor, we invite you to brace yourself for a thrilling journey. Here is where you’ll test your mettle against some of the world’s finest classical vocal talents. The bar is high, but the rewards are priceless: not just the accolade of winning, but the experience of performing in this iconic city, under the gaze of Beethoven’s watchful spirit.

If you’re a fan, prepare to be swept away by the extraordinary talents of our competitors, all set against the backdrop of Vienna’s stunning architecture. There’s magic in every performance, a chance to be touched by the raw emotion of classical music at its finest.

Whether you’re here to compete, to support a participant, or simply to relish in the magnificent performances, we warmly welcome you to the Vienna Beethoven Competition. As Beethoven himself said, “Music can change the world.” Let’s celebrate the transformative power of classical music together.

Enjoy the journey!